What services do you offer?
We offer hand-addressing for corporate, non-profit, and personal event invitations. Whether you’re facing a gala benefit, formal wedding, engagement party luau, or your little angel’s birth announcements, our pens are ready and at your service. You can also put our handwriting to use for placecards/escort cards, thank you notes, advertising flyers, and whatever else comes to mind. And, of course, we’re available to stuff, stamp, and mail it all!

Where are you located?
Elegant Scribbles was started as a mother-daughter enterprise. We've just added another member to the team to give our clients more style options. Mary is located in New York City. Kate and Julie are in Atlanta, Georgia. But it doesn’t matter where we live, we serve clients all over the country.

Do you do calligraphy?
No. Elegant Scribbles offers a beautiful and cost effective alternative: good, old-fashioned penmanship. It's neat, clear, personal.

Do I have a choice of style options?
We offer three different script options and three different block lettering options. All options are available to all clients. Location doesn’t limit your choice.

Why do you charge more to address wedding invitations than other envelopes?
You've spent a lot of time and money choosing just the right paper stock and invitation design. Wedding invitations require special addressing protocol and more attention to detail than other event envelopes. After all, a wedding invitation is the most important mail you'll ever send, so we take the time to make them perfect.

Help! I have 100 invitations to address, a tight deadline, and no time. How do we get started?
Just submit the Estimate Form or email us. We’ll discuss your preferences and deadlines with you, figure out the fastest, most convenient way to get your envelopes, and determine a turn-around time.

What do you need from me?
We’ll need your envelopes, cards or stationery (plus some extras, of course), your guest list (in a document or spreadsheet), and your ink color choice.

OK. I provide the stationery and guest list. Who supplies the pens?
If you want standard black or blue ink, Elegant Scribbles supplies the pens. If you need a special ink color, you supply the pens to ensure the color is the one you want for your envelopes.

What do you need from me if you will be assembling, stuffing, and stamping?
If we're also assembling, stuffing, and stamping your invitations, we need all the invitation elements (invite, enclosures, tissue, etc.) and your stamps. Make sure you have the correct postage for the size and weight of the invitation, as well as postage to cover your response cards. For more information read our blogpost about postage.

What if I choose a style option that requires sending my envelopes to another city? Are shipping costs involved?
Our clients pay shipping charges to their writing stylist. When a project is complete, we pay shipping charges beween New York and Atlanta for orders over $100. Shipping charges incurred for smaller projects are paid by the client. We also charge for shipping between New York/Atlanta and other locations. We use USPS Flat Rate shipping to keep shipping costs reasonable.

What are the payment options?
Cash, check (with branches in NYC and/or Atlanta), and PayPal. Payment is expected upon delivery of finished project.

May I contact some of your current and former clients, just to make sure I can trust Elegant Scribbles with my invitations?
Absolutely! Just ask, and we’ll email you contact information for recent Elegant Scribbles clients.

Hm. I don't see my question here.
Email us. Our addresses are on the Contact Us page.